Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Keep in Touch

Although I haven’t posted in a while, I still like having my blog and hope to start blogging again when I have more time. Being a full time grad student (studying mental health counseling and addictions) and working 21 hours a week while trying to enjoy the outdoors, family and friends is a bit too busy right now. I’m loving Portland and hope to share adventures with you soon. When I first started my blog, I loved getting new followers on Google reader. I have made some good blogger friends and want to keep in touch with everyone when Google reader is no longer. A new URL, is a work in progress, but please check me out there. I hope everyone has a great summer! Let's follow each other on instagram @heath_mck!

Cannonball! by Jorey Hurley

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Look Up at the Stars

I'm really into star patterns right now. I think it's because they are so natural and mystical, and each one is unique. The blues and silvers are so intense and fill me with a sense of curiosity. This site has a ton of galaxy photos, and I'm amazed how some products manage to capture the pattern.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Live every day like it's your last in that city

Once we committed to moving to Portland, we pushed the LA kickin it into high gear. We hung out on the roof more and were still in awe of the view. We went to the beach countless times to walk around, ride bikes and try new restaurants. We had dinners with friends and laughed until our cheeks hurt. We went out for late night drinks and talked about how awesome our LA life has been. We discovered places right around the corner, like a tapas bar and a bead store, that we wish we would have gone to years before. We were more outgoing and quicker to say yes to things. I finally felt comfortable enough to go out with no makeup on. A drive in traffic across town didn't seem like a huge daunting task anymore. Weekends were no longer a time to rest. Our friends have shown nothing but love for us as we prepare to move home. My college friends organized a farewell dinner for us at C&O Trattoria, our favorite place by the beach for wine and Italian food. My old coworker met me downtown for brunch at Bottega Louie. Our friends in the building have had about 10 parties in our honor. The people at the Chapman Market gave us free beer. The list goes on. We're going to miss our dear friends here, but they all know there is a place for them to stay when they come visit Portland (most of them have never been). We're so happy with the way our last few months turned out here. We feel like we have fallen deeper in love with LA and we want to come back to visit very soon. I may even become licensed to practice therapy in California and Oregon so we can have the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Secret Garden

It turns out that if you venture further than the shops on Main Street in Santa Monica, there are some great restaurants and side streets that lead straight to the beach. The best part, though, is the Santa Monica Community Garden. It's perfectly jumbled with random objects and beautiful blooms. I loved the sun-stained pink hose and all the flowers in their original habitat. Now I'm even more inspired to start a garden of my own.