Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Overexertion

I always get really excited when I have a new song on my workout playlist and strategically wait for a certain point in my workout to play it. "Hello Good Morning" by Diddy is currently one of my faves. I waited to play it toward the end of my workout, thinking that it would give me that extra push to finish strong. Unfortunately, it was so good that I added moves to my regular routine that I haven't done in months. As always, I felt great after my workout, but it wasn't until the next day that I realized Puffy had pushed me a little too far. I could hardly walk my muscles were so sore! I've had similar experiences when I go for a run after hearing exciting news or having an extra amount of energy. But I've realized that although I may feel like I can work out extra hard or long, I should do so with caution. By adding only one extra move at a time, I can steadily move toward being able to do more, and my subsequent workout won't suffer. Listen to Diddy's song and more from my playlist below.

Shout out to Portland for coming in at #5 on Shape's list of "The top 10 fittest cities"!

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