Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Escape

Last week I escaped the post-college job search and left LA to go white water rafting in Idaho. It's something my family does at least once every summer and I'm glad I was able to go this year. My family, plus four other families and some friends spent six nights and seven days rafting and camping in tents. It was pure relaxation: hot weather, sandy beaches, green hills, raging white water, good food and great company. It's surprising how liberating it is to have no access to cell phones or internet and to be completely content in the outdoors. I'm heading back to LA tonight feeling refreshed and ready to hit the job search hard once again.

Our boats. There were 7 total

View from one of our camps (Maxwell) on the Main Salmon river

Green water and green hills

My yellow lab, Ellie, in her doggy life jacket

After a day spent rafting I was inspired to paint (I used watercolors)

The chilly water was a great escape from the heat

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  1. Great photos! Looks like an awesome trip. Wish Tommy were able to go...