Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are They Really Called Dandelions?

When I was a little girl I remember picking wisher-bobs, gathering all of my breath, closing my eyes, and trying my hardest to blow off all of the seeds {all while making a wish}. I love their perfect round shape, the softness against my cheek, and everything they represent. But are they really called dandelions? I always thought that once the yellow flowers turned to the puffs, that they had a different name, like wisher-bobs.

A Million Wishes by Andieedwardsart

Sushi Dish Set by Baileybowls 

Make a Wish Locket by lusciouslockets

Small Gift Tags by flirtdeux

Dandelion Wish by downabove


  1. Thanks for featuring my locket in your article, I love dandelions too. Nice selection of items - I particularly like Dandelion Wish - such a cool idea!


  2. what an amazing collection of wonderful wisher-bob items. love them all!

  3. hehehehee, I just call them poofs. great collection.

  4. wisher-bobs? i've never heard them called that. i always called them dandelions!