Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lilac Corks

My favorite way to drink wine is with friends while painting. This doesn't happen all that often and I really don't need an excuse to have a glass. I used to be an exclusive pinot gris or pinot grigio drinker, but my taste has expanded and I also enjoy a good chardonnay, pinot noir or cab. Let's just say I'm not picky. Some may use the term wine-o.

I've been saving my wine corks for a while, and I now have a small glass jar full sitting on my kitchen shelf. It might be fun to turn them into a DIY project in the future, but for now I'm content with them hanging out to remind me of fun and relaxing times. P.S. My nail polish is Lilacism by Essie, and as a former nail biter, I couldn't be happier with my shiny lilac nails.


  1. Great idea! We have friends that write the date the bottle was opened on the cork. Then when it is done, they stick it on a frame full of tacks. They have one from their wedding, moving into their house, and so on. It's all hanging on their wall, and is a meaningful piece of art.

    And very cute nail polish, by the way. :-)

  2. i have a huge bag of corks and they've come in handy so many times, especially when i made our table numbers for our wedding!

  3. Love the corks in a jar. They look so cool to me.

  4. I love this idea. My sister's BFF in Florida collected wine corks for years, gathering them also from friends and family. It became well known that when anyone opened a bottle of wine, they were to save their corks for her. After a while, she decided to line the back splash in her kitchen entirely with the corks she collected. This not only adds a unique design element to her kitchen but each cork was from someone she loved or from a special occasion that was celebrated. It looks something like this: