Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Dreaming

In my room at home in Portland, I have a hanging hammock chair that I brought back from a trip to Mexico. My bff, Anna (we've been friends since preschool), always hangs in it whenever she comes over. Is this Dedon NestRest not the perfect upgrade? At around $14,000 all I can say is, maybe one day.

This weekend I'll be dreaming of my vacation home in St. Tropez where Anna and I can hang out in the NestRest, drink refreshing cocktails, read magazines and send our laughs into the soft warm breeze. Oh, to dream.

*Thank you to the friendly people at Dedon NY for responding to my inquiry, and to Mrs. Lilien for first featuring this on her blog


  1. this NestRest is exactly what I want! The day I buy a house with a garden.. I WILL buy one! Irresistible!
    Lovely blog :)
    x Melody

  2. love this post. i hope your dream comes true! happy weekend.

  3. I have seen these before and I want to try to curl up into one badly! They look so cozy. :)

  4. Speaking of weekend posts! ;) Simply amazing, how dreamy is this chair? Ready to cuddle up inside it right about now.

  5. Ohh man what a steep price tag! But how cool is that?

  6. I just hung one of these from a giant old tree outside my dream home... in my dreams. WANT!