Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back from the Grand

You guys, I'm back from rafting the Grand Canyon and it was one of the most amazing trips I've ever been on. The scenery was truly spectacular and being surrounded by people I've grown up with who know me so well was really special. The whole trip went smoothly and I can't wait to go again. Here's to hoping we all get to go back in less than 16 years!

We floated the river all day and set up camp each afternoon. We made a campfire, conversed, went to bed and then we'd wake up and do it all over again

We made a lunch stop at Red Wall Cavern. This picture is from the back of it

My little REI tent and river shoes. Pretty sweet set up if I do say so myself

A view from one of our day hikes

All the boats perfectly lined up at camp

The sun rising at Nankoweep, my dad's favorite camp, and mine too

The Little Colorado River flowed into the Colorado. It was the bluest water I've ever seen

The rapids were wild: huge waves and so much fun! That's me in the red helmet, Caitlin (my brother's gf) in the yellow helmet, and Evan (my brother) in the black one


  1. oh my gosh. what an adventure. i've never been!

  2. wow!!! this looks so amazing. i would love to do this. your photos are beautiful x

  3. LOVE the pictures!!!!! Wish I glad you had such a fun time!

  4. Such a beautiful vacation! My brother has hiked down and camped, too. He loved it.

  5. Your little tent is very cute! And the landscape are amazing!

  6. Now THAT is a serious Grand Canyon experience! It looks absolutely wonderful. Love the photos you've shared and love even more that you were able to do the trip with old friends. So awesome!

  7. looked like such a great time! i'd love to do the rapids one day if i'm ever brave enough :P i really like the photo of the boats all lined up with the canyon in the background.

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