Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Instax Mini Picture Magnets

I got my Instax Mini on eBay and have been really happy with it. It's fun to bring out during warm summer days and I love the nostalgic effect each photo has. To ensure that my photos don't stack up in a drawer somewhere, I made some mini picture magnets that create a fun and easy display. These magnets work with any type of picture. Follow my instructions and give them a try!

What you'll need: mini colored clothespins, small magnets and Krazy Glue with a brush

Brush some crazy glue above the metal part of the clothespin

Next, stick either side of a magnet on the part of the clothespin that has the glue. Let dry for an hour

Clip the photos and display on a magnetic surface


  1. good idea....maybe I can make the same. I like it!

  2. such an awesome idea. im defs going to try it x

  3. So adorable! I miss photos! Like, tangible photos...

    Following you! Love to support my fellow LA bloggers - and you have a great blog! Thanks for finding me...

  4. Oooo. That instax mini camera looks fun! Now I want one. :) And I love what you've done with the pictures!

  5. This is adorable - what a sweet, colorful idea! Thanks for sharing! xx