Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Flower Notecards

I love having fresh flowers around but hate it when it's time to throw them out. So to make sure I get the most out of them, I like to make hand painted cards using flowers instead of paintbrushes.

Supplies: a bouquet on its last leg, acrylic paints, thick paper (I used watercolor paper) and tools for mixing

For an easy-to-clean palette, fold some foil over a shoebox top. When it's filled, just crumple it up and put on a fresh piece

Use every flower and leaf at your disposal. When petals fall off, leave them there

Final product: a custom handmade card that will make anyone feel special. Happy birthday, mom!


  1. SO cute! What a fun idea.... might use this for Christmas cards this year. Love the thought of something handmade!

  2. LOVE these! They would also make great framed paintings! So cute.... :)

  3. I'm very impressed with this idea. How did you come up with it?! My mom and I made watercolor notecards this year for christmas...but this is even better. Gonna try with daisies.