Monday, November 28, 2011

Highlights from Home

Heading home for the holidays is something I've cherished since college when I realized how great it is to have a break from the real world and spend time with the people I love most. I spent the last week in Portland (Oregon) where I grew up and got to enjoy pretty much everything I miss about home. Highlights include:

My yellow lab, Ellie
Tap water
Listening to the rain outside my window
Going to Black Butte Ranch for Thanksgiving with my family
The 2nd annual "Tanksgiving" pub crawl with my high school friends
Home cooked meals
Ole Ole burritos
Sleeping in
Spending entire days in my PJs
Shopping sans sales tax
Catching up with old friends
Warm Fires and
Pretty leaves

1 comment:

  1. Love your list and this made me so excited for next week when I can spend the whole day in my PJs!

    Also, Portland is one of the places on my Bucket List-- I'd love to visit there one day.