Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flower District

Spring is just around the corner which means I am craving two things: new decor and fresh flowers. I picked up the tall green vase at the Flower District and it's perfect for the cherry blossoms that have been calling my name the past few times I've visited. I love that the arrangement can stand on the floor and fill up empty space in the living room. The rooster pitcher is from a funky store on Sunset Boulevard. It reminds me of my grandma who has always had rooster decor around her home, so it's very special to me. I had a feeling the red gerber daisies would really pop in it!

What does Spring have you craving?


  1. I love those little purple/pink flowers!
    The rooster vase is very cute too :)

  2. I love cherry blossoms! My mom always crushed the ends with a hammer to assist with water absorption... which helps keep the flowers fresh longer.

  3. First off, I LOVE the cherry blossoms and love how you put that tall vase on the floor. So so pretty.

    Also, I think I have that same rooster vase in red. I never thought to put flowers in it, I just have it as a pitcher for decoration. But now I am going to have to use this as a vase very soon. :)

  4. hello springtime!
    lovely blossoms - just looking at your pictures makes me happy :)

    thanks for sharing!